It’s World Water Day! (Maybe)

World Water Day is either today (Mar. 20) or Saturday (Mar. 22). (Apparently on the United Nations website, the dates are a bit, um, fluid.)

Here in the US, we waste water like it’s going out of style. But according to the United Nations Secretary General, in the developing world a child dies every 15 seconds because of thirst or water-related disease.

This week at thousands of participating restaurants, you can donate $1 for the water you’d usually get for free (find a directory of them on the Tap Project website). Or you can donate directly to the Tap Project, which supports UN clean-water programs.

For every dollar raised, a child in need will have 40 days of clean drinking water.

P.S. – This is a repost of the sustainability tip I put in my company’s newsletter. Just FYI.