Park(ing) Day 2008 in Portland, Oregon

Friday, Sept. 19 was Park(ing) Day, a one-day global event to transform parking spaces into temporary public parks (it’s also a benefit for the Trust for Public Land). The company I work for sponsored a spot in downtown Portland, and I rode my bike over there and took photos.

(I took this one by standing on a garbage can. It was a little sketchy.)

Not only was this a cool place to hang out, a lot of good things happened. First, while riding my bike from our office to the spot, I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen for a while, and we spent some time chatting. Second, I got to know some of my co-workers better. Third, while I was there I got a free half-sandwich and some Gelato. Fourth, one of my co-workers ran into someone else they knew, who invited us to a show that night. And fifth, our company’s spot was right next to the Bikini Coffee Company, a somewhat pointless detail, but certain male members of our staff found it interesting.

Now I ask you: would any of that happened if I had driven and used that spot to park my car?