Love 2.0 Means No Privacy

For the most part I’m a fan of social media, but from time to time it gets weird. Case in point is an e-mail I got from a friend the other day. It’s from some company called, “Where friends help friends find love.” That idea’s as old as Shakespeare, but the following certainly isn’t:


That’s my friend (on the left). I’ve seen pictures of her aplenty. But on the right are photos of four potential swains.

Hmm. If I were one of them, I’d be a little horrified to find out my handle and photo are caroming around the internet, landing in the inboxes of god only knows how many strangers.

(If you’re curious, my friend is 29, so I think the two young ones (20,20) are too young, the two old ones (41, 49) too old. But I’m not going to tell Lovehappens that.