Scenes from a Sunday

My son is in second grade, which is an exciting time because his literacy is exploding. A while back, he narrated a day when we were packing up to leave his grandma’s house. He must have then decided one of the pages wasn’t worth keeping, since it wound up in the recycling.

I decided it was worth keeping. Here’s the first page (I’ll try and transcribe it below, correcting only capitalization):

My dog is Barking. wer going back to ore house. We wend te Grand-ma and grand-pas house. My parents are packing up all the things. My grand-pa has his cane with him. He has his jacket onto. Now my dog is just staring at me. My brother is playing with his Bucky Balles.

Here’s the second page:

This one’s a little harder to transcribe, because some of his letters got cropped off on the other side of the perforation, but here goes:

Am borde. All I hav to do is sit. sit. Sits. My dog is ling down. Now am lukin ate three wudin do to have colore and w isall wud. Let roc and roll! We hit t(he) rode ate 50 miles per hour. Am puting on shoose. My brother stuck his hed awt t(he) window to say good by. My brother mac a tree awt of Bucky B(alls).