Sasquatch in the Suburbs

Back in the early 1970s, Sasquatch (a.k.a. Bigfoot) was all the rage. He was allegedly a large, hairy ape-like biped who roamed the forests of the Pacific Northwest.

A still from a film that either showed Bigfoot, or a guy in an ape suit.

Actually, our hairy friend was part of the rage, which also included the Bermuda Triangle, UFOs, Elvis sightings, and various other quasi-bogus paranormal stuff. The thing about these were that there was all these tantalizing stories, but never anything that constituted proof. Still, it made for some interesting movies.

I’ve been thinking about Sasquatch recently, especially when I walk my dog through a local patch of woods (more pics here), where I sometimes see a blue heron.

I love seeing the bird, because he’s big, and good-looking, and rare. I’ve only seem him twice. The first time I saw him I was by myself and only had my cell phone camera, and in the long-distance photo I took, you couldn’t see him. For a few days after, I took a small camera with me in the hopes of getting a photo.

Of course he didn’t show.

But he showed up this morning, not all that far away. I only had my cell phone (does this sound familiar?), so I tried taking another photo.

Take a careful look. Do you see him there, on the left side of the water?

I know …  inconclusive. Maybe I’ll get a photo of him tomorrow, when I start taking the camera with me again. Or maybe I’ll have to dress up like Sasquatch so he’ll let me get close enough to take a decent photo.

Let’s hope not.

3 thoughts on “Sasquatch in the Suburbs

  1. Good luck on your photo safari! We have a great blue heron that lives somewhere near here and he periodically flies over our car when we’re on the way to work. It feels auspicious somehow.

  2. Hey man,
    I saw your heron in my neighborhood in Austin. I shit you not. It was walking down my street ’round midnight last night when Otis and I were coming home from our evening stroll. Yeah, walking down my street at midnight. It wouldn’t have seemed stranger if it had been one of those creatures from Avatar. I looked at Otis, he looked at me, and I said, “Dude, heck if I know.” I actually see one of these guys and an occasional egret in the stream (perhaps ditch or arroyo is more accurate) near my house from time to time. Usually they look as if they are taking a break between fishing and napping. Who knew they were part of the neighborhood watch program.

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