Bike Videos that Make Me Deliriously Happy

When Daylight Savings Time clamps down on us Sunday, it’ll be the end of my bike commuting for a while (since I’m leery of riding in the dark). But while my bike sits in the garage, I’ll be watching these videos to keep my spirits up.

The first one has the lamest title ever, “Lady on bike.” Which makes me wonder, did the person who posted this actually watch what she does on the bike? Anyhow,  It’s balletic, and plenty of times you’ll catch yourself going, how does she do that?

The second one has a much better title: Awesome Senegalese bike tricks! This is not overstating it. And his tricks are totally different than hers. Not only is this guy mad talented on his bike, there are people playing groovy music live while he rides around. So the music’s good, and it’s clear these folks know how to have a good time, but what’s also neat is that it’s like he’s dancing to the music. On his bike. Okay enough rambling, just watch it:

Last, Danny MacAskill. 21 million people have seen this video, because it’s mind-blowing. Yeah, I know, I’ve gone from “how does she do that” to “this guy is mad talented” to … but even if hyperbole fails me, Danny won’t. If you haven’t seen what MacAskill can do on a bike, prepare to have your jaw fall off.


One thought on “Bike Videos that Make Me Deliriously Happy

  1. wow.

    Nice ordering too. Regarding the first video, they actually have competitions for this. There are some multiple rider sets. It seems a lot like synchronized swimming.

    Danny McAskill is amazing. I have to wonder what scars he has. 😉

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