What the Dog Walker Saw

There’s a nifty little path through the woods near my house. I take it quite often when I’m walking my dog, and I like it because there’s less traffic noise, and more birdsong. And because it’s pretty:

The path.

One day in late January, dog and I crossed paths with this little fellow:

I was surprised to see him in the dregs of winter, but there he was. So I took his picture with my cell phone. Another reason to like the path: salamanders! I’ve seen chipmunks in there, too.

The path isn’t very long, maybe a quarter-mile or so. It wends through the trees, crosses a creek, and then emerges into a different neighborhood.

Cars and streetlights and manhole covers aren’t nearly as nice as trees, but ah well. However, pay attention to that why car, because I had to take a photo of it, too. Why? Well…

…because it looks like forest resident itself. I’ve long thought “Moss on my Subaru” should be the name of the Oregon state song. Still, it’s rare to actually see a car with its own ecoroof.

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