Slugs with Brains

I went to UC Santa Cruz, so I get an email newsletter from time to time. Most of it is the usual news and alumni events. But one item caught my eye: “UC Santa Cruz receives nearly 35,000 undergraduate applications for Fall ’10.”

The Cowell College dorms at UCSC. Flickr credit: prayitno.

35,000 seemed like a lot, so I drilled a little further. The prospective freshmen and transfer students were applying for an estimated 4,150 places. Wow. That’s only an 11.98 percent acceptance rate. In other words, really competitive.

That got me wondering how UCSC’s rate stacks up against the Ivy League schools. One search later, I had my answer. On a site called The Ivy Coach, they have stats for the class of 2013:

Harvard 7%
Yale 7.5%
Princeton 9.8%
Columbia 9.8%
Brown 10.8%
UCSC 12%
Dartmouth 12%
Penn 17.1%
Cornell 17.4

Hot stuff, eh? Well … not so fast. The University of California has a profile page of UCSC with a much different acceptance rate: 63.2% (# Admits: 17,230 … # Applicants: 27,256).

So … applications went up by about 7,000, but the number of spots dropped from 17,230 to 4,150? Strange.


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