Never Argue with a Pretty Face

My company is having a roundtable about sustainability, and on the home page of our intranet, I published a promo for the meeting, and a form so people could ask anonymous questions.

But when I built the page, the headline and text looked a little too stark. The page needed a photo. I looked on under “landscape,” and this showed up on the first result screen:

Landscape fail.

Landscape fail.

Not quite. So I went for something iconic and cute and kinda sustain-ity. I went with this:


The next day my boss came in to tell me she decided to swap out the photo, to generate some more questions for the round table. She swapped in photos of the three people hosting the event (the faces have been pixelated to protect the innocent):


Sure enough, the questions started rolling in. First question:

What happened to the picture of the duck? — end message

Second question:

I liked the picture of the duck better. — end message


4 thoughts on “Never Argue with a Pretty Face

  1. Not surprising. It seems that the only employees who realize that the intranet is run based on a set of objectives (i.e. with specific tasks in mind) are the ones who work behind the scenes. All everyone else sees is the fun, cutesy stuff.

    When I wrote and posted a story about a mother Canadian Goose that made her nest near the corporate parking lot, it seemed like all I got was reminders to get a follow-up story with pictures of the goslings. Unfortunately Mother Goose move on once her babies hatched before i was able to snap a picture. Mark that “objective” as failed.

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