How to Edit Even Goodlier

Ye Olde Bloge has been unusually quiet of late because I’ve been editing. I writ a book, book clunky, book needs revision.

So I reread. Hmm, thinks I. That sucks. I edit. It sucks a little bit less. I edit whole page. Page sucks less, but takes a while. Now I repeat process 387 times. Whole things sucks a bit less, but in a slightly different way. Eyes very glazed.

Yetsomehowduringallthis, I keep stumbling across goodly things about editing.

First, some advice on rewriting:

Next, the (karaoke) experience of rewriting with an editor:

And last but not finally, a word on the the impotence of proofreading (yeah, you read that right)

3 thoughts on “How to Edit Even Goodlier

  1. This is fantastic. I love the youtube videos as well as your commentary. I haven’t gone as far as you yet but after 40 pages I already found myself obsessively editing a few weeks ago to the point where I did not know what story I was trying to write anymore. So, my sympathies. And kudos for sticking with it.

  2. Thank you!

    It isn’t often I feel the need to dip into ‘abbreviation culture’ but I don’t often laugh out ‘load’ either.

    My book’s current working title is ‘Not exactly as long as it was…’ 129,300 to 107,900. The thing I find strange is that nothing is actually missing either!

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