Free the Sims — The Thai Version

The story broke when I was busy (late November), it was happening in a country that I didn’t know that well (Thailand), and the gist of it was somewhat obscure (protesters demonstrating against the government peacefully take over … the airport?). It would have been easy to glance at and skip over (some Guardian coverage).

Enter my friend Dave Sims. Dave and his family were traveling to Thailand at just about the time of the protest, something I learned through his dispatches on Twitter.

That changed things. Instead of an obscure political movement in a distant country, Thailand was now the setting for a real-time drama told in micro-narrative, with them as real characters with foibles and quirks, leaving readers like me to read, digest, and puzzle out the huge spaces in between posts. (But before you fret unduly, know that the protest was peaceful. See the photo below for the protesters in action … or inaction. Or however you describe a sit-in.)

Having them in the thick of it made it dramatic! And interesting! Like the difference between reading dryasdust history and historical drama, or something. They’re looking for a way out … they’re mulling over options … their kids are being kids in Thailand, that’s amusing … which option did they take … oh, that one! … and so forth.

Long story short, they got home safely. And just the other day, some witty friends of theirs made them t-shirts just in case it happens the next time:

Dave Sims

The Sims, in front of a picture of the actual protesters. Photo credit: Dave Sims


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