Evil Drives a Pontiac Vibe

I had a close call yesterday. I was writing my bike to work when a white car — this car — passed me, then pulled to the curb right in front of me without signaling.

I stopped. I had to, because she’d cut me off. She pulled away and I followed, and I caught up with her at the next stop sign. I waved and tried to get her attention, but her eyes were riveted on the road. So then she pulled away again, and then did the same thing.

But since I’m not an idiot, I’d decided not to ride alongside someone that dangerous, so I was still sitting at the stop sign. She pulled away again, and about a half mile later, I caught up with her and took a picture of her car.

What kind of person threatens someone with their 2,700-lb. car? When I participated in the first Bike Beaverton even this past summer, I saw a woman get impatient with a trail of cyclists at the side of the road. She honked, sped up, straddled the middle lane, and passed the cyclists. Just in case you’re keeping karmic tally, that’s dangerous, unbelievably uncool (speeding next to children riding their bikes), and illegal. And why did she do all this? So she could turn left a half-block later.

A friend of mine calls these people “haters.” I guess you can’t keep people from hating, but I sure with you could keep haters from driving.

I reported my incident yesterday on the BikePortland.org close calls thread (it’s distressing how many of them there are) and to the Beaverton Police. I’ll let you know what happens.

1 thought on “Evil Drives a Pontiac Vibe

  1. Either the person is stupid or hateful or legally blind. Either way they should not be driving.

    I had a conversation with a friend a long time ago where every year you would get 3 ‘tags’ when you renewed your drivers license. You could ‘tag’ cars of bad drivers and when a car got four tags on it, it would get pulled over and the driver would have their license suspended. It wouldn’t work too well in reality, but I still like the idea.

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