Why You Shouldn’t Fact-Check Songs


Big ups (as the young folk say) to my friend Hank for introducing me to Pandora.com.  I’ll gush about Pandora in some future post, but suffice it to say it uses the music you like to make an educated guess about other music you’d like.

Case in point is above: Rachael Yam…

Actually that’s Rachael Yamagata,  a young, pretty, talented singer/songwriter. See that thumbs-up rating? That’s an “I like it” indicator, which helps Pandora further calibrate your likes and dislikes.

So I like her song “1963.” Rachael has a nice voice, and even though you could accuse me of  having Yacht Rock taste, I think it’s good.

With one teeny exception: that being part of the chorus:

I find it magical hey
I feel like I’m loving you in 1963 hey
Flowers in my hair hey
Little bitty hearts upon my cheek
Baby, you’ll be on my mind
’till I kiss you next time

I was a mere -3 years old in 1963, but I know enough about pop culture to know that in 1963, NO ONE was putting flowers in their hair or little bitty hearts upon their cheeks.

In 1963, the Beatles looked like this:


Now consider this photo from 1968:


I’m thinkin’ Rachael got the date wrong. The flowers & hearts came in 1968, not 1963.  I know you’ve got to grant artistic license, even though every time I hear to or for and then you and I in a song it makes me feel all wavy gravy. (See Babyface, Sting, Keren Ann, Minor Majority, 10CC, etc.) But still. I can’t hear a mistake like that mention of 1963 in that song without thinking about it every single time.

Peace out.


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