Demented Leafs Fan Paints a Plate

There’s some sort of environmental debilitation that results from growing up in Toronto as a hockey fan. It’s an affliction characterized by a hopeless yearning for a team that is, at best, mediocre, and destined never to win the Stanley Cup—and thus destined always to break your heart.

This used to be a common affliction in Boston before the Red Sox won the World Series. Now only Chicago Cubs fans suffer from it.

In Toronto, where hockey’s spiritual gravity is equal to football + baseball + basketball, this means rooting for the Toronto Maple Leafs, despite their 40-year Stanley Cup drought. Who can explain this passion? It’s certainly not rational. I mean, honestly? who puts Maple Leafs license plate frames on their car?

So, when I decorated a plate at work a couple weeks ago, there was really only one design decision to make: blue maple leaf on white, or white on blue?


3 thoughts on “Demented Leafs Fan Paints a Plate

  1. I don’t understand. Is the plate meant to be broken or is it mearly a replacement for a cup?Certainly would be a great diet tool as it would deter one’s appetite. And is it just me? I don’t see a Maple Leaf in the middle but Harold and Yolanda gazing at each other from the sides. (Is it a vase or two profiles?) Anyway Santa’s suit is red for a reason so Maple Leaf fans should expect no joy at Christmas. Sorry Virginia, there is no Stanley Cup.
    Ralph “Red Rocket” MacDonald

  2. As you can tell from the above comment, it’s bad enough that we Leafs fans are saddled with a perennially mediocre team, but then we have to suffer insults from hockey fans who aren’t similarly afflicted.

    I’m thinking I should do as the Red Rocket suggests, and claim that this isn’t a Leafs logo … instead, it’s a highly abstract rendering of a cannabis leaf. It wouldn’t improve anyone’s hockey fortunes, but it would stimulate appetite…

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