My Vote for World’s Worst ISP

Guess what? I am once again waiting to talk to tech support at iPowerWeb, the World’s Worst ISP. Okay, maybe they’re not the world’s worst, but they keep earning a place on the list. (Here’s what happened last time I had to call them.)

I’m calling them now because the site they host is showing a 403 error, the control panel login says “forbidden,” and when I called them, I waited for 10 minutes—and then got cut off. Nice!! Do I get that 10 minutes back? Nope.

So now I’m trying live chat. Here’s the first auto-response:

Welcome to IPOWER! You are number 51 in the queue. Your wait time will be approximately 32 minute(s) and 10 seconds. We apologize for the wait time. Please hold for a site operator to respond.

Here’s the second:

We appreciate your patience. All operators are currently assisting other customers. Please continue to hold and we’ll be with you as quickly as possible. In the meantime, please be prepared to answer your Security Question when we begin chatting. To enhance our security protocols, we’ll need you to provide the answer to your Security Question at the beginning of our conversation. If you have not yet set your Security Question and Answer, please log into your account now to set it up. Thank you for waiting.

I can’t log into my account, remember? All I can do is wait. And once again I’ve waited so long, I can e-mail this blog post to their staff.


Too bad the photos on their website don’t pick up the phone.


Total wait: 58 minutes.

The tech came back after hearing the problem and said,

I have updated the domain information in your account. Hence, please check once again by accessing his Web site and account after 1-2 hours. If the issue still persists then please get back to us , so that we could investigate further. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

And now the site is back online. The problem occurred on their end, it took us discovering it and spending over an hour to reach them so they could fix it.


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