Troubling signs at

I was looking at Toronto Maple Leafs jerseys online. I went from the official Leafs site to the “New” section, and ended up with a screen that looked like this. (This is a screen capture; I didn’t doctor it. Here’s the link, in case it works).

Kind of makes you worry about the league, doesn’t it?


2 thoughts on “Troubling signs at

  1. The REBOK hockey unis are HORRID! From the so-wrong “shirtails” to the new ugly collars with the NHL crest displayed at the throat (As if we dont know WHICH league were watching) to the new “teen friendly” (?)designs!!! FFS Bettman, have some respect for the traditions of the league , for once!!! (But, let’s not kid ourselves, Bettman would dress the NHL in pink tutus if someone pushed enough money in his disgusting face!) Mikado…AKA MikeyHabs

  2. I hadn’t even noticed the collars — or the NHL logo — but you’re right. They stink.

    So does Bettmann, but that’s another subject.

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