Chicken Farmer Flip Flop DIY Klingon Death Match

It all started with a headline, one that actually wasn’t on my RSS. But still, with all those little fontsicles battling for my attention on my webscreens, you gotta stand out to stand out. And boy, did this one ever stand out:

Chicken farmers object to propane rules for terror war

The story isn’t all that interesting, but any time you get chicken farmers, propane and the war on terror into one headline, you’re damned close to award-winning haiku.

But once you start lookin’ at headlines, well, it’s hard to stop.

Flip Flop Foot Injuries (Yahoo News)

Chickens Diet for Delaware (Treehugger)

DIY Solar Oven Death Match (Treehugger)

Klingons crossing the Delaware (Boing Boing)

While I’m on the subject, Boing Boing is indeed a directory of wonderful things. Consider two of their headlines today:

Canadian cops admit staging own provocateurs at protest

China Airlines paints over logo on crashed plane

(the airlines link goes directly to the story, which is sort of horrifying, in a corporate image sort of way).

Last but not least, today was Woz day. (Woz is Steve Wozniak … personal site wikipedia). Why was today Woz day:

First this:

The passion of the Woz: energy efficient housing

Then, not two hours later, this:

Woz Caught Doing 104mph in Prius


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