Use Cell Phone, Get Stupid

Here’s the news peg: Mobile phones ‘dumbing down brain power’ – from the Telegraph in the UK.

The research reveals that the average citizen has to remember five passwords, five pin numbers, two number plates, three security ID numbers and three bank account numbers just to get through day to day life.

Since that’s all too much, it gets stuffed into notebooks and PDAs and all manner of other gizmos so that we won’t rely upon our fallible memory. Thus, says one of the experts quoted about his study,

“But the less you use of your memory, the poorer it becomes. This may be reflected in the survey findings which show that the over 50s who grew up committing more to memory report better performance in many areas than those under 30 who are heavily reliant on technology to act as their day to day aide memoir.”

I’m no expert quoted in a study, but maybe that’s why other experts have found Driving While on Cell Phone Worse Than Driving While Drunk


Of course the new research question is, if you’re dumb from your cell phone, and you’re drunk, and you’re Paris Hilton, you must be so dumb that you’re actually removing other people’s intelligence. Question is, how much? Can my PDA calculate that?


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