Quotes from the Plastic Industry

I sure do like the Web sometimes. Some perspicacious academic took it upon himself to drill through old plastics industry publications and pull out the industry’s attitudes towards waste and recycling. As he says,

On the one hand, they cultivate the idea that they are leading environmentalists and recycling advocates, especially when it comes to their own products. On the other hand, they promote wasting by landfilling and incineration, and they mount stealth attacks on the rest of the recycling industry. This collection of “sound bites” is from the back side of their message.

With positions like “garbage burns better with plastics” and “switching to reusables would threaten public health,” it’s a harrifying read. Positively Shestekian, as a matter of fact.

(BTW, harrifying isn’t a word, it’s a portmanteau of horrifying and harrowing. Coined it myself.) Here’s the link to the plastics page.


2 thoughts on “Quotes from the Plastic Industry

  1. Hail and well met, JohnO!

    KellyO here, former intern if you recall, comin’ atchya from the dusty, sun-baked steppes of Inner Mongolia (no, really). Nice to find your blog! All my memories of PM seem to be narrated with your verbose, dry humor. I believe you were the first person I ever heard use perspicacious in everyday conversation. Also, bailiwick. Who says bailiwick? JohnO, that’s who.

    Hope things are good in Stumptown!

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