The Canadian Research Vanguard

I’ve had this link in my bookmarks for a while, and it’s time I regurgitated it. It’s — abysmal pun alert — “The hole story on donuts.”

Apparently someone at the Discovery Channel asked University of Guelph Prof. Massimo Marcone, Department of Food Science, to “scientifically analyze the differences between Canada’s biggest donut brand, Tim Hortons, and newcomer Krispy Kreme.” (Note to PR flack: you could prolly drop “scientifically” from that sentence. He’s a food scientist. What other kind of analysis would do on the donuts? Economic? Literary?)

And when the Discovery Channel comes asking for such pioneering research, who is Prof. Marcone to say no? (Besides, I’m sure down the road there’s an Ig Nobel Prize in his future!).

When I was in school, some enterprising chemistry students went around with litmus paper and measured the Ph of all the coffees at all the campus coffee shops. That’s a perfectly appropriate thing to do–if you’re an undergraduate.


Your higher-education tax dollars at work.


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