Bike to Work Day: May 18 (or not)

Depending on where you are, there’s a good chance that sometime this week it’s Bike to Work Day.

In honor of BtWD, I’m going to reuse the sustainability tip I did for work this week and unleash it on the masses for their autoedification and autogratification. FYI, them links be your sources, in case you think I’m making all this up.

The bicycle is the most energy-efficient form of travel ever devised. A human walking spends about three times as much energy per pound.

Bicycling is a safe, low-impact, aerobic activity. A 150-pound cyclist burns 410 calories while pedaling 12 miles in an hour.

In one study, bikers expressed the highest levels of satisfaction, and least dissatisfaction, with their morning and afternoon commutes.

A Rodale Press survey found that Americans want to have the opportunity to bike to work instead of driving, with 40 percent of those surveyed saying they would commute by bike if safe facilities were available.

The energy and resources needed to build one medium-sized car could produce 100 bicycles.

Bicycles also cause little, if any, wear and tear on roadways.

Factoid of the Week:

Americans lead the world in parking lots, providing between 3 and 4 spaces for every car in the country (between 705 million and 940 million spaces total). Combined, parking takes up as much space as the state of Connecticut.


One thought on “Bike to Work Day: May 18 (or not)

  1. we march to the beat of a different drum here (mark to the page of a different calendar)? And taking Seattle’s idea of corporate sponsorship of bike to work day, i here by propose InvisibleWindow’s Bike to work day on june 27th…

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