Christie Brinkley Blogs Hockey

The NHL has a dismal record in the marketing department (biggest gripe: imposing themselves in the cable netherworld by signing with Vs. instead of ESPN).

But they’ve stumbled across a bit of a success by having supermodel Christie Brinkley lend her face as a celebrity blogger for the NHL playoffs. Brinkley grew up in LA and spent her working years in front of cameras, so she’s a recent hockey convert (her son Jack plays). So she starts on a quest to take her son to a hockey game … gets hooked up with Mike Milbury, the former GM for the Islanders. Needless to say, the rolled out the red carpet: “We arrived empty handed and left with a hockey bag stuffed with goodies.”

Of her first game, she writes*

I feel like there is so much skill here, they’re doing the most amazing things and they’re on the slippery ice doing it! It’s so exciting. I can’t help it, I’m hooked. It was incredible action; these giants that become so graceful on the ice, they’re all pure macho grace – amazing speed, lightning turns, and their size is amazing.

(*She doesn’t do her own stunts here. According to an article on, “Brinkley … works with a ghost blogger at the league’s New York offices. When she has the urge to talk hockey, she talks to them, and they transcribe her thoughts for public consumption.”)

Still, so what? If a model-turned-Hamptons-woman-of-leisure can appreciate the best game you can name, it’s all to the good. So are the 50,000 page views all going to her blog. Now, the other interesting question becomes, when the Islanders get bounced from the playoffs, what’s the Uptown Girl gonna blog about? Maybe she’ll discover the “pure macho grace” of a Mike Modano, or tell us why Alexei Yashin’s been benched.


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