Where Comest Thou From, Hoser?

A friend sent me a link to the bizarre, funny and wonderful (if a teeny bit too long) movie, “Clark the Hockey Goalie.”

One of the curiosities in the movie is Clark’s etymology for the word “hoser”: According to Clark, in old-tyme hockey (BZ–before Zambonis), the loser of the game had to hose down the rink. So it’s pejorative, like a loser.
However, it was the first I’d heard of it, so I looked it up (why one can never imagine the future … today, I Googled “hoser etymology.”)

Turns out  that Mr. Verb is blogging about it, in part because many Canadians never heard the term before Bob and Doug McKenzie started tossing it around in the early ’80s. The origins are murky!

My guess is that Clark’s story is as good as any.


One thought on “Where Comest Thou From, Hoser?

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