Traffic Rant

<rant>I was driving down a street — a bigger street than the side street, where someone in a green car was waiting to enter. The car in front of me slowed, stopped — then gestured to the green car on the side street to turn left.

The car crept forward, cautiously, since it was two lanes each way … and, of course, some of the cars in my lane (the right) changed to the left and sped up to make the light … just as the green car vertured out further.

The motorist who decided to stop all six of us to give right-of-way to the green car tried to direct traffic, by looking in her rear-view mirror and transmitting a go/no go signal with hand gestures.

Somehow, despite all this, the green car got across without getting blindsided as it crossed.

But … can we talk a minute about how f**ked up that was? The idiot in front of me decided to ignore traffic laws, which are based on years of data and implemented by traffic engineers, just to give someone else a turn–thus ignoring the six people behind her.

Is it kind? No, letting that person in inconveniences and endangers about 12 other people, including the person she’s letting in. Does it speed things up? No, not if everyone has to stop, change lanes, inch out, narrowly avoid collisions, miss green lights, etc. In fact, it’s worse for everyone involved.
Sigh. You can get a ticket for the most trivial traffic offense, but how much would I like to see one issued for such a boneheaded maneuver as that. </endrant>


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