That “New Car Smell” Can Make You Sick

Stumbled across this while researching zero-VOC paint:

“Many vehicle buyers take delight in the distinctive ‘new car smell’ of their purchase, but chemical emissions from interior plastics and other parts that contribute to the familiar odor may actually be bad for their health.

V.O.C.’s, or volatile organic compounds, are found in paints and in glues and sealants used in auto interiors. In a closed car — especially on a hot day — concentrated V.O.C. emissions from seats and dashboards may be hazardous, according to recent studies. Other interior chemicals under suspicion include phthalates, a softener in plastic, and polybrominated diphenyl ethers, or PBDE’s, a flame retardant.”

Why, oh why, did I sell my 1985 Toyota Tercel?


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